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Products and processing


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Highly specialized staff and modern technologies allow to create an innovative and excellent quality product.


Softness, body and greater resistance of the skin, always respecting the environmental regulations.


Research and design in line with the evolutionary needs of fashion.


Specialized in the printing of leathers since 1978, we guarantee the highest quality of seal and uniformity of the relief.

We have a wide range of designs, with more than 300 kinds of plates, such as:

– Crocodiles

– Reptiles

– Shriveled (reproduction of sheep, goats, cattle)

– Wrinkled wrinkles

– Animals

– Barks

– Ostriches – Carpinci

– Fake flowers

– Ethnic

– Geometric

– Fabrics

– Fantasies

– Floral

– Prints for painted

– Linear

– Intertwined

– Leopards- Zebras


For classic hot stamping, we offer the innovative digital printing service on leather for small and large processes. It is possible to print on smooth, suede and pre-cut leather, choosing from the numerous designs available or creating customized ones.


Over time, the curiosity and peculiarities of the skin itself has allowed us to evolve making our screen printing technique much more sophisticated, but always maintaining the craftsmanship of the product.

Our production process, in fact, respects traditional screen printing and at the same time ensures a seriality of work, high productivity and a high guarantee of seal for a quality result.

Our flat screen printing system is at the forefront of reliability and technology with more than 600 single-color to multi-color designs using products with low environmental impact.

– Single color

– Multicolor

– Embossed

– Flocked


We have at our disposal many different hole designs for the width of the holes and their distance.
The applied processing is continuous, both on whole leathers and on pieces for clothing, footwear, leather goods and gloves.


We make carvings with depth, variable pitches and different designs depending on the profile requested by the customer. The achievable carvings vary from geometric shapes to scaly effects of various sizes and shapes.


We create linear, spaced, irregular motifs and folds on leather of different sizes and shapes, capable of satisfying the requests of our customers.


We create various types of longitudinal and spider web effects, all characterized by the craftsmanship of the production. Like any article, the wrinkle can also be further personalized with prints, carvings, foils and sequins.


With the aid of machines of primary quality and reliability and with the acquired technical experience, we carry out the application on the skin of different heat-adhesive materials such as: transfer papers, foils, lacquers, paints, sequins (unitransfer, relax). Always constantly updated to improve ourselves, we constantly collaborate with our suppliers to satisfy any new request. There are many solutions that we offer, the customer can therefore choose from a wide assortment of colors and designs.


Depending on the intended use, for footwear, clothing or leather goods, we pay particular attention to the resistance to external agents and the softness of the leather, obtained by different retanning processes that differentiate our items such as: smooth paint, soft paint, wrinkled paint , printed paint, register printed paint and naplack.

The finish varies from pigmented to aniline, pearly or metallized effect, always in compliance with environmental regulations.


We offer innovative solutions in style and strength, in response to the continuous transformations of the fabrics intended for footwear, leather goods and clothing, both in the quality of the workmanship and the materials used.
The continuous research and experimentation leads us to use different raw materials such as fabrics, elastic fabrics or polyurethane combining them with the skin and preserving softness, body and greater resistance to breakage, always to meet the evolutionary needs of fashion.

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